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About Company

We are a professional carbon fiber bicycle manufacturing company located in China. Specifically, we committed to develop small size carbon rims, wheels and bikes.

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Completly new technology

Carbon fiber has allowed us the ability to create stronger, lighter components in more aerodynamic shapes than previously, and nowhere are the benefits of carbon more noticeable than in our carbon wheels. Exclusive carbon rim technologies developed by Tupbike offer a perfect balance between performance and reliability.

surface thermal conduction technology

The surface of the rim is made by nano-themal conductivity material-graphene, which might better the effect of radiating.The thermal conductivity is >500W/m²k, which might diperse the brake heating effectively and decrease the accumulation of the heat.

  • High temperature resin carbon fiber.
  • Toray T700 full carbon fiber.
  • New structure design for tire bead and U-shape, the maximum wall thickness can be 13 layers.
Arc pull strip technology

Arc pull strip is a new technology patent, The products without this technology have a drum angle between rim and spoke, this is a fatal flaw, it will seriously affect the safety of wheels. Arc pull strip technology changes the mold, match nipple low angle, so that the distribution of stress is more uniform, and let wheel be safer.